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  1. The statement "Today, the dollar is worth about 45 cents," describes

    A inflation
    B prices
    C supply and demand
    D taxation
    E deflation

  2. A short period of somewhat decreased business activity is known as a

    A boom
    B depression
    C recession
    D crash
    E demand

  3. The theory that government should not interfere in economic affairs is known as

    A laissez-faire
    B populism
    C supply-side economics
    D socialism
    E capitalism

  4. Under this system, the government owns nearly all the means of production and directs all important economic activities.

    A capitalism
    B fascism
    C communism
    D anarchy
    E none of the above

  5. According to the theory of supply and demand, as the price of an article decreases

    A the quantity demanded will usually fall
    B the quantity demanded will fall and then rise
    C the quantity demanded will not change
    D the quantity demanded will usually rise
    E the quantity demanded will always fall

  6. The money supply of the United States is regulated by the

    A United States Department of the Treasury
    B Treasurer of the United States
    C U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing
    D Federal Reserve System
    E Central Bank

  7. In order to achieve agreement between employers and employees, labor and management use the process of

    A strike
    B arbitration
    C collective bargaining
    D boycott
    E blacklist

  8. In order to compute the income taxes you owe the federal government this year, your employer is required to give you a ______ that lists your earnings and withholding for the past year.

    A 1040A form
    B W2 form
    C Social Security form
    D Exemption statement
    E W4 form

  9. Americans pay many different types of taxes to federal, state, and local governments. Choose the best example of a tax that we do NOT pay in the United States.

    A Payroll taxes
    B excise taxes
    C value-added taxes
    D sales taxes
    E income taxes

  10. The major purpose of our tax system is to provide funds for the operation of the government. Taxes are also levied in order to

    A develop or protect certain industries
    B redistribute income
    C influence personal spending
    D educate the young
    E all of the above

  11. A tax on perfume is an example of a(an)

    A income tax
    B excise tax
    C property tax
    D estate tax
    E stock transfer tax

  12. Susan Johnson earned $15,000 last year. Sam Miller earned $63,000 last year. Both persons were required to pay a special tax of $350. Which of the following terms best describes this tax?

    A proportional
    B regressive
    C inexpensive
    D progressive
    E unearned

  13. Payments to a worker, his dependents, and/or survivors in the event of retirement, disability or death are generally covered by the system of insurance known as

    A unemployment compensation
    B Social Security
    C worker's compensation
    D pension fund
    E profit sharing

  14. Most Americans seek to reduce the financial losses caused by sickness, accident, fire, theft, or old age through the use of a cooperative risk-sharing plan called

    A worker's compensation
    B Medicare
    C pension funds
    D trusts
    E insurance

  15. Shortly after taking office, President _______ was wounded in an assassination attempt as he left a hotel in downtown Washington.

    A Carter
    B Kennedy
    C Johnson
    D Reagan
    E Ford

  16. Add 37.03, 11.5627, 3.4005, 3423 and 1.141.

    A 3476.1342
    B 3500
    C 3524.4322
    D 3424.1342
    E 3452.4852

  17. Subtract 4.64324 from 7

    A 3.35676
    B 2.35676
    C 2.45676
    D 2.36676
    E 2.36576

  18. Multiply 27.34 by 16.943

    A 463.22162
    B 453.52162
    C 462.52162
    D 462.53162
    E 463.52162

  19. Divide 19.6 by 3.2 (Round your answer to 3 decimal places.)

    A 6.125
    B 6.124
    C 6.123
    D 5.123
    E 5.013

  20. What is 5/11 in decimal form? (Round your answer to the nearest hundredth.)

    A .44
    B .55
    C .40
    D .42
    E .45

  21. What is .64 2/3 in fraction form?

    A 97/120
    B 97/150
    C 97/130
    D 98/130
    E 99/140

  22. What is the difference between 3/5 and 9/8 expressed as a decimal?

    A .550
    B .425
    C .520
    D .500
    E .525

  23. A boy saved $4.56 the first month, $3.82 the second month, and $5.06 the third month. How much did he save altogether?

    A $12.56
    B $13.28
    C $13.44
    D $14.02
    E $14.44

  24. The diameter of a rod is required to be 1.51 inches with an acceptable variance of .015 inches. The rod would not be acceptable if the diameter measured

    A 1.490 inches
    B 1.500 inches
    C 1.510 inches
    D 1.525 inches
    E 1.511 inches

  25. After an employer calculates an employee's salary of $190.57, he deducts $3.05 for Social Security and $5.68 for pension. What is the amount of the check after deductions?

    A $181.84
    B $181.92
    C $181.93
    D $181.99
    E $182.00

  26. If the outer diameter of a metal pipe is 2.84 inches and the inner diameter is 1.94 inches, the thickness of the metal is

    A .45 inches
    B .90 inches
    C 1.94 inches
    D 2.39 inches
    E 2.50 inches

  27. A boy earns $20.56 on Monday, $32.90 on Tuesday, and $20.78 on Wednesday. He spends half of what he has earned during the three days. How much does he have left?

    A $29.19
    B $31.23
    C $34.27
    D $37.12
    E $38.00

  28. The total cost of 3 1/2 pounds of meat at $1.69 per pound and 20 lemons at 60 cents per dozen will be

    A $6.00
    B $6.40
    C $6.52
    D $6.82
    E $6.92

  29. A reel of cable weighs 1279 pounds. If the empty reel weighs 285 pounds and the cable weighs 7.1 pounds per foot, the number of feet of cable on the reel is

    A 220
    B 180
    C 140
    D 100
    E 80

  30. 345 fasteners at $4.15 per hundred will cost

    A $.1432
    B $1.432
    C $14.32
    D $143.20
    E $149.20

  31. The earth ______ on its axis from west to east.

    A revolves
    B rotates
    C tilts
    D rises
    E falls

  32. During a solar eclipse,

    A the earth prevents the light of the sun from reaching the moon
    B the shadow of the moon falls on the sun
    C the moon prevents the light of the sun from reaching the earth
    D the sun prevents the reflected moonlight from reaching the earth
    E the shadow of the sun falls on the earth

  33. The ______ range in size from one to 500 miles in diameter and revolve around the sun.

    A moons
    B comets
    C meteors
    D satellites
    E asteroids

  34. Ursa Major, Orion, and Andromeda are fixed groups of stars called

    A galaxies
    B meteors
    C constellations
    D satellites
    E quasars

  35. The process by which rocks are broken down into smaller fragments by the atmosphere and other factors in the environment is called

    A erosion
    B sorting
    C wind
    D glaciation
    E weathering

  36. Planting vegetation, terracing, and strip cropping are common practices employed in the prevention of

    A mechanical weathering
    B soil erosion
    C irrigation
    D delta formation
    E glaciation

  37. When air high above the earth's surface is cooled below the dew point it is likely to form

    A dew
    B clouds
    C fog
    D hail
    E frost

  38. Ground water and surface water become polluted by

    A runoff from pesticides used on gardens and farms
    B improper disposal of chemical wastes
    C deposit of untreated sewage into rivers and lakes
    D improper disposal of nuclear wastes
    E all of the above

  39. The instrument used to determine air pressure is called a(an)

    A hygrometer
    B anemometer
    C barometer
    D thermometer
    E ruler

  40. If you fly westward from Los Angeles to Tokyo you will need to adjust your calendar watch for the proper day after you cross

    A the Bering Sea
    B Alaska
    C the North Pole
    D the Atlantic Ocean
    E the International Date Line

  41. Granite, shale, coal, and limestone are commonly known as

    A minerals
    B rocks
    C fossils
    D sediments
    E fuels

  42. What correction should be made in the following sentence? The land "down under" is idyllic, with great whether all year round, friendly people, and surrounded by the ocean for lovers of water sports.

    A change "down under" to down under
    B change is idyllic, with to is idyllic. With
    C change great whether to great weather
    D remove the comma after all year round,
    E no correction is necessary

  43. What correction should be made in the following sentence? A tourist visa is valid for a 3-month stay, but it's fairly easy to have them extended for an additional 3 months (or even longer) when you're already here.

    A change to have them extended to to have it extended
    B change 3-month stay to 3-month staying
    C change easy to easier
    D change you're already here to you're already going there
    E change the comma to a period

  44. Which of the following is the best way to write the underlined portion of the following sentence? If you think the original way is best, then choose answer (1). "The most popular way to explore Australia is to buy an inexpensive bus pass, which allowing you to visit some of the most wonderful sites for no additional cost."

    A pass, which allowing you
    B pass. Which allowing you
    C pass, which allows you
    D pass, which allow you
    E pass which allowing you

  45. "Visiting Australia is easy to arrange, provided you've got the money for the plane fare." If you rewrote the previous sentence, beginning with Provided you've got the money for the plane fare the next word would be

    A is
    B to
    C easy
    D arrange
    E visiting

  46. "It is more rewarding to make friends than it is to be antisocial." If you rewrote the previous sentence beginning with Making Friends, the next word would be

    A than
    B it
    C is
    D rewarding
    E to

  47. What correction should be made to the following sentence? When tickets went on sale for the rock concert, young people from miles around lining up at the box office.

    A change went to go
    B remove the comma after concert
    C change of people to peoples
    D change lining to lined
    E no correction is necessary

  48. Sedimentation as a method of water purification results in

    A an increase in the bacterial count
    B a decrease in the amount of organic matter
    C an increase in the amount of hydrogen
    D a more rapid water flow
    E the destruction of vitamins

  49. Mechanical weathering may occur by means of

    A plant roots
    B temperature changes
    C frost action
    D all of the above
    E none of the above

  50. This planet revolves around the sun in an orbit between that of Venus and Mars. It is known to be covered by oceans and some land, and it has but a single moon. The planet is

    A Jupiter
    B Saturn
    C Earth
    D Mercury
    E Uranus

  51. Tides result from the pull of gravity exerted upon the earth by

    A the moon
    B the sun
    C the moon and the sun
    D the Milky Way
    E none of the above

  52. What correction should be made to the following sentence? "For parents, it is a challenge to recognize and keep a balanced perspective on they're teenager's emotional roller coaster ride."

    A change parents, to parent's
    B change and keep to to keep
    C change they're to their
    D change teenager's to teenagers
    E no correction is necessary

  53. Which word correctly completes the following sentence? "____ the book on the table."

    A sit
    B set
    C sat
    D all of the above
    E none of the above

  54. What correction should be made to the following sentence? "With maturity comes the realization that much of their parents' behavior, once so irritated, was motivated by feelings of love for them."

    A change comes to come
    B change realization to realizing
    C changes parents' to parents
    D changed irritated to irritating
    E no correction is necessary

  55. Which word correctly completes the following sentence? Yesterday Scott _____ in bed all day."

    A laid
    B layed
    C lay
    D lie
    E lied

  56. Bleeding should usually be stopped by

    A applying a bandage to the wound
    B waiting for it to stop on its own
    C administering artificial respiration
    D a doctor
    E applying pressure to the wound

  57. Why should everyone know proper first aid?

    A No doctor may be available
    B The victim may experience compounded injuries if he is improperly treated
    C The victim might die if he is not attended to
    D Choices (1), (2), and (3)
    E Choices (1) and (3) only

  58. If a doctor describes a patient as dehydrated, he is saying that the person

    A has a contagious disease
    B needs insulin
    C cannot manufacture chlorophyll
    D has lost a great deal of water
    E has just been inoculated

  59. Which of the following words is not spelled correctly?

    A cabinet
    B counsel
    C council
    D customer
    E criticise

  60. Which of the following words is not spelled correctly?

    A nickle
    B whet
    C noticeable
    D picnicking
    E mysterious

  61. Which set of words correctly completes the following sentence? "Jim ran ______ the door and headed ___ the hospital.

    A threw, to
    B thru, to
    C threw, too
    D thru, too
    E through, to

  62. A noun is the name of a

    A person
    B place
    C idea
    D all of the above
    E Choices (1) and (3)

  63. Which of the following is NOT a pronoun?

    A mine
    B me
    C I
    D ours
    E terrible

  64. Which of the following is not an adverb?

    A quickly
    B rapidly
    C big
    D inadvertently
    E fast

  65. Which of the following is NOT a form of the verb lay.

    A laying
    B lying
    C laid
    D lay
    E all of the above are correct

  66. Which of the following is NOT a form of the verb sit.

    A sit
    B sits
    C sat
    D set
    E all of the above are correct

  67. A group of Michigan high school students working on a science project wish to start some bean plants for an experiment. The best results will probably be obtained if the students locate the plants in a window facing

    A the courtyard
    B south
    C north
    D east
    E west

  68. Cities located along the eastern seaboard consistently record higher temperatures than inland cities in the same states during the winter season. Which of the following statements might explain this situation?

    A Eastern cities receive more sun than inland cities
    B The average amount of daylight is greater in the winter than in the summer
    C The angle of the sunlight is greater in inland cities
    D The winter weather along the coast is milder due to the influence of the ocean
    E The winter weather along the coast is milder due to the location of the Appalachian Mountains

  69. Cirrus, dew point, fronts, and isotherm are terms commonly associated with the field of

    A meteorology
    B archeology
    C oceanography
    D mineralogy
    E seismology

  70. Which one is unrelated to the other four?

    A Uranus
    B Pluto
    C Polaris
    D Mars
    E Venus

  71. Which of the following is unrelated to the other four?

    A wind
    B soil acidity
    C tides
    D wave action
    E clouds

  72. Jane Rose's semimonthly salary is $750. Her yearly salary is

    A $9000
    B $12,500
    C $18,000
    D $19,500
    E $21,000

  73. John earns $300 for a 40-hour week. If he receives time and a half for overtime, what is his hourly overtime wage?

    A $7.50
    B $9.25
    C $10.50
    D $11.25
    E $15.00

  74. Which salary is greater?

    A $50 daily
    B $350 weekly
    C $1378 monthly
    D $17,000 annually
    E $646 bi weekly

  75. "Education is a life-long process, at every age we learn from family, friends and associates." Which of the following is the best way to write the underlined portion of the previous sentence? If you think the original is the best way to write the sentence, choose (1).

    A process, at
    B process at
    C process. At
    D process; at
    E process of

  76. As a passenger balloon rises, its gas bag tends to

    A become smaller
    B leak
    C distort
    D expand
    E remain unchanged

  77. In which of the following countries would a solar heating device work most effectively?

    A Greenland
    B Japan
    C Australia
    D Canada
    E Italy

  78. Two places on the same meridian have the same

    A altitude
    B longitude
    C latitude
    D climatic conditions
    E tidal motion

  79. The earth rotates 60 degrees in

    A one hour
    B two hours
    C three hours
    D four hours
    E six hours

  80. Which of the following metals is a liquid at room temperature?

    A silver
    B gold
    C mercury
    D iron
    E lead

  81. When air reaches the dew point, its relative humidity is 100%. Cooling the air to a temperature below the dew point causes the water vapor to begin to change back into a liquid. This process is called

    A sublimation
    B condensation
    C vaporization
    D precipitation
    E convection

  82. Clay is one of the best materials available for pottery because of its ability to hold water. A geologist would describe this property as

    A limited erosion
    B low porosity
    C high porosity
    D low permeability
    E high permeability

  83. Luster, hardness, fracture, and cleavage are properties generally used in describing

    A storms
    B precipitation
    C fossils
    D glaciers
    E minerals

  84. The San Andreas Fault is associated most frequently with

    A tidal waves in Japan
    B geyser actions in Oregon
    C volcanoes in Washington
    D earthquakes in California
    E hurricanes in Florida

  85. The temperature of the air falls at night because the earth loses heat by

    A radiation
    B conduction
    C convection
    D rotation
    E refraction

  86. If one ounce is approximately equal to 28 grams, then one pound is approximately equal to

    A 250 grams
    B 350 grams
    C 450 grams
    D 550 grams
    E 650 grams

  87. The simple interest on $200 at 12% for 2 years is

    A $6
    B $12
    C $24
    D $48
    E $120

  88. If one card is picked at random from a deck of cards, the probability that it will be a club is

    A 1
    B 1/52
    C 1/13
    D 1/10
    E 1/4

  89. George has a five dollar bill and a ten dollar bill. If he buys one item costing $7.32 and another costing $1.68, how much money will he have left?

    A $1.10
    B $5.64
    C $6.00
    D $9.00
    E $9.90

  90. If a five-pound mixture of nuts contains two pounds of cashews and the rest peanuts, what percentage of the mixture is peanuts?

    A 20
    B 30
    C 40
    D 50
    E 60

  91. What will it cost to carpet a room 12 feet wide and 15 feet long if carpet costs $20.80 per square yard?

    A $334.60
    B $374.40
    C $416.00
    D $504.60
    E $560.00

  92. If a recipe for a cake calls for 2 1/2 cups of flour and Mary wishes to make 3 cakes, how many cups of flour does she need?

    A 6
    B 6 1/2
    C 7 1/2
    D 9
    E 9 1/2

  93. The cost of 30 sandwich rolls at $1.50 per dozen is

    A $3.00
    B $3.45
    C $3.75
    D $4.50
    E $4.80

  94. If a rope four yards long is cut into three equal pieces, each piece will be

    A 4 feet
    B 3 1/2 feet
    C 3 1/3 feet
    D 3 feet
    E 2 1/4 feet

  95. Of the following, the number that is nearest in value to 5 is

    A 4.985
    B 5.005
    C 5.01
    D 5.1
    E 5.105

  96. Paul received a bonus of $750, which was 5% of his annual salary. His annual salary is

    A $37,500
    B $25,000
    C $22,500
    D $15,000
    E $7,500

  97. If 2x + y = 7, what is the value of y when x = 3?

    A 1
    B 3
    C 5
    D 7
    E 9

  98. The product of .010 and .001 is

    A .00001
    B .01000
    C .01010
    D .01100
    E .10100

  99. Joan earns $4.00 per hour. On a day that she works from 9:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., how much will she earn?

    A $14.00
    B $18.00
    C $22.00
    D $26.00
    E $30.00

  100. The difference between 304,802 and 212,810 is

    A 91,992
    B 96,592
    C 182,328
    D 209,328
    E 210,972

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